Icmeler Beach ,the pearl of Turkey

Tourism in Turkey is characterized by its diversity, it includes places of historical and natural sites, mountains, beaches and other places where tourists had to accept in Turkey Tourism.

The Beach Icmeler near Marmaris is one of the most beautiful beaches of the world's most beautiful beaches, tourist tourism Turkey, away Icmeler for Marmaris about 8 km, and is one of the tourist destinations popular and well-known for residents and tourists in the tourism Turkey, characterized Bashatiha sunny and golden sand and clear waters.

  It is located in the Gulf of Icmeler Peninsula Datcha and pine forest surrounds the city on three sides so the Walking provides great views and charming landscapes makes it the most beautiful natural places and tourist in Turkey Tourism.

Featuring Icmeler many of the hotels and resorts that offer plenty of tourist services for tourists in the tourism Turkey, as you can enjoy water sports such as diving, skiing and other activities Alnrfaitah, also includes Icmeler many restaurants and cafes offer many Eastern and Western cuisine are the most important and most beautiful tourist sites in Tourism Turkey.