Top 10 Restaurants in the world part 2

we continue our list of the best restaurant in the world according to the Restaurant magazine

6 - Restaurant Mugaritz- San Sebastian - Spain: 
One of the most beautiful restaurants Spain and attracts many tourists and tourist trips in which private Lovers Tourism Spain.

7 - Restaurant DOM - Sao Paulo- Brazil: 
Sao Paulo, the most important places of tourism in Brazil's tourism comes the restaurant on the top tourist attractions in the tourism Brazil.

8 - Restaurant Arzak- San Sebastian - Spain: 
Spain is famous for the luxury tourist services, restaurants and luxury restaurant Arzak comes a list of restaurants where luxury.

9 - Restaurant Alinea- Chicago - America: 
Of the most important American Restaurants, Chicago, and contribute to the movement of tourism as one of America's most beautiful restaurants of the world.

10 - Arzak - London - Britain: 
Arzak of the most beautiful London restaurants, the most important restaurants in the luxury tourism Britain.