Secret beaches in Europe for you only !

A lot of people are looking for privacy in the beaches that go to them to enjoy the summer sun without having to post hundreds of tourists from the same place on the case if you have knowledge of the shoreline of an unknown can enjoy greater privacy to spend the holiday you are considering

Cardigan Bay beach in Scotland is a horseshoe-shaped located on the coast of Ceredigion where you will not just lie down in the sun and gaining bronze color, but will be able to visit a church dating from the fifteenth century AD and look for the beauty of ocean beach Mount

Beach Zlatni Rat in Croatia is part of a row of spectacular beaches where astonish tourists who come to him beauty is far from the restaurants and shops

Smajlers Cove Beach in Zakynthos in Greece, which enjoys a quiet part of the island, one of the more isolated beaches on the island where you can hire a private boat and see the turtles that pass near you and explore sunken ship since 25 years in this place

Beach Skagen in Denmark, which extends the white sand dunes of Grinin kilometers and is the meeting point of two of the waters of the Baltic Sea Skajirakokatejat

Bagliars-filled landscapes, one must go to the Ice Man in Formuinteraohy smaller islands and the least sophisticated unlike the nearby island of Ibiza anyway has blessed Ace Megern Pkalo kilometers of white sand that will ensure you a quiet sunbath

Paradise Bay in Malta, which has a look toward the islands of Malta and Cominuojozo surrounds the shore rocks and turquoise sea water