Discover Monaco, the place that turned kelly grace into royalty

From inspecting the Principality of Monaco from above Castle «Antoine», which represents the highest point peninsula Monaco, enjoy panorama very magnificence and beauty, where the eye directly to the port of "Hercules," which is packed with luxuries yacht in the world, and on the opposite side reflected his «Theatre Princess Grace »object path of John F. Kennedy, which is decorated with lush trees and shadows on the sides as well as the view of the Japanese Garden in the direction of Italy. And remember every spot in the coastal strip running the length of 5.3 kilometers with an asterisk American cinema glamorous Grace Kelly signed Prince of Monaco Rainier III in love with her and married her in 1956 to turn out of the throne of Hollywood to the throne of the Principality of Monaco small, which lies on the north bank of the Mediterranean Sea. If may have as much to live to this day, will celebrate her birthday was eighty in the twelfth of November next. It is worth mentioning that the emirate has created a special path to track the effects of the Princess to meet the desire of tourists who flock to the emirate for this purpose.

  After the departure of Prince Rainier III in 2005, his son, Prince Albert II opened the archives of the royal family. With this in mind came the idea of ​​creating a path cut emirate length and breadth to track the effects of the royal family for dating life began as a dream beautifully and ended with a tragic end when he was suspended Princess Grace Kelly was killed after a tragic accident in 1982 and consists «path Princess Grace» of 25 stations allow tourists to discover the features of this emirate unique at the same time and not only trace the effects of a beautiful princess.

  And how long it takes to lose track Princess says David Malaval tour guide who specializes in «the path of Princess Grace»: "It takes a half-day or full day." Adds Malaval aged 35 years that after the end of the tour consists with tourists the impression that they know Princess glamorous Grace personal knowledge, which had been sent drink made from trees «maple» from the United States to prepare dessert which is famous for its Christmas holiday celebrations.

  The tour begins which takes half a day from the field "Plus Dharamshala" which is located at the foot of the famous rock of Monaco - with its corners between the old city and the parliament building - and that there was an old station by the main Monaco. Hence, the star of American cinema travels to the "Netsa" to launch them to Paris and America. The Grace Kelly, which played a starring role in a great film director Alfred Hitchcock «Rear Window» famous for her love of travel and travel. In the image carried by the sign in this station radiates tenderness motherhood of Grace Kelly, where waving to the general public in the warmth reveal Bhananha and compassion while traveling to Paris on the fourth of October / October 1959 while carrying her son Albert on her arm, which was old and time-year-old, who is currently the reins of power since 2005.

  In the past, the train was stopped down balconies teeming with casinos of Monaco, the day starts with a train from the station with a contemporary design and located the highest church "St. Difot." The transformation of the field "Plus Dharamshala" to the popular market. Hence, the path heading towards the street wharf «Antoine first

»Passing through the coastal road« Chemin de Pesher »down to the ruins of Fort Antoine, which has become the scene today uncovered.

  Among the most famous passenger ships which landed sail the port of "Hercules" ship «USS Constitiution» coming from New York, which docked at the port on the twelfth of April / April 1956 at ten in the morning. It is worth mentioning that the ship was carrying Grace Kelly, which went to the emirate to start a new phase of her life from her marriage to the Prince of this small emirate, which was famous at the time Pkazinohadtha only. In spite of the bad weather was awaiting the arrival of thousands of American cinema star. After the arrival of the ship was escorted Prince Rainier III beautiful bride on board the luxury yacht «Deo Juvante II.». The wedding was legendary after only 7 days of the arrival of the bride safely to the home of her husband.

Proceeding from Fort Antoine continues to tourists on their way to the Museum of Science seas and oceans, which is located on the top of the sloping rock of Monaco and protruding from the water. Instead of exhibits by St. Martin's, which is decorated with lush trees and shadows on the sides and that leads to the Cathedral

  «Norte Dame de l'ImmaculĂ©e Conception» Turn David Malaval tour guide to the Byway «Real Frunze» and that leads to the area where there is the Museum of Church «Visitation de la Vierge Marie» between the flanks, which includes the work of Rubin and Zorbaran and Ribera. And directly next to the museum there is an ancient building dating back to the year 1663. due to the fame of this building is that it was the school building, which went to Prince Albert in his childhood.

One of the main stations b «path Princess Grace» cathedral which buried the Princess was killed after he was suspended following a tragic accident in 1982.