Discover Cameron Highlands

discovered by British during the colonial period and made ​​it a tourist place attracts people from all over the world

The largest investors there Scottish family owns approximately 30% of the city.
Cameron Highlands is located approximately 400 km from the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, rising from the sea at about 2000 meters  above sea level and is characterized by such heights decrease temperature and a lot of tea plantations on the views of the mountains in the very magnificence and beauty,,,

There is also this region 3 Falls of the largest waterfalls in Malaysia
The most famous waterfalls Robson falls is truly fantastic, the sound of water flowing from the top of the waterfall Itrb hearing and ears, waterfall descends from the top of the mountain in a streamlined way do not see an end. The water is cold, however, be surprised if I saw some boys and men swim in it ..

Unfortunately, there is a waterfall on the way a group stalls selling refreshments and memories of a different variety of antiques and other souvenirs Statistics ..
There are also others such as Falls Falls Barrett, as well as waterfalls Lata Iskandar (divider between tapa and Cameron)
Which are considered the most famous waterfalls in the region and enjoyable for swimming and fun to spend time with.